Help at Home & Errand Services

Senior Companionship

For many seniors having a companion service often fills the social gap created by growing older. Our senior home companions monitor and protect seniors safety, health, wellness, and help handle everyday household tasks and can provide a much needed social interaction.

Elderly companions meet an aging parents social needs by providing supportive conversation, helping to plan social outings and providing a little friendly encouragement to do light exercise and stay mentally active.

Friendly and Supportive Conversation

Seniors need this…. Seniors love to reminisce to relive happy memories, or to affirm who they are, and gain an insight about their life. A companion caregiver can be there as a friendly and attentive listener.

Plan & Encourage Social Activities

Staying active and maintaining a level of independence is very important for their health. Our in home companions will help plan visits with family and friends, play dates with children, zoo trips, shopping sprees, crafts, scrap booking or just an ice cream social outing.

Encourage Light Exercise

Exercise is a key to good overall health, seniors may especially benefit. By participating in activities that they may enjoy, we can help them gain greater mobility, quality of life and more independence. Our senior companions can accompany on walks and encourage regular exercise. We will offer a list of different routine exercises that they can choose from and may be interested in.

Encourage Active Thinking

Staying mentally active can help a great deal with warding off mental decline we associate with aging. As part of our companion services for our seniors we can help structure pastimes, hobbies, games to keep your senior parent interactive, engaged and stimulated. We will offer a list of these activities as well so that they will have many choices to choose from.

Light Housekeeping & Errands

Our Companions are there to provide your senior parent with help with light housekeeping, laundry, making beds, appliance cleaning, water plants. We can do grocery shopping and help put away , post office, UPS store, dry cleaning pick up and drop off, prescription pick up and drop off, library book/video returns,taking pets to vets or groomers, hairdresser or barber appointments. We can assist with getting them to their Dr. appointments. Or any other errands not listed that may be needed. We do not do airport driving . We stay local for most appointments , and travel no more then one hour one way.