We provide professional quality care of your home and property while giving you the peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands while you’re away.


We do vacant homes such as :

  • Family emergency and to vacate for awhile
  • Military deployment
  • property pending sale
  • tenants departed
  • homes in probate
  • or simply away on a extended vacation or vacation property

Contracting our services can be arranged even if your not in the state, or several miles away by phone or email. We have clients whom we have never met until much further into our working relationship, testimony to our professional and reliable services guarantee.

Each visit is customizable to your specific needs and can be conducted as frequently as requested.

Away services to include :

  • Vacation home- rental property – Primary residence – vacant
  • Complete visual inspection of interior of home, walls & ceilings for leaks
  • Visual inspection of the outside of the property ( making sure nothing disturb, stolen or broken into etc )
  • Unscheduled storm inspection, after severe weather.
  • Check refrigerator/ freezer ( leaking and working )
  • Flush toilets
  • Checking AC & heat ( make sure thermostats are on and functioning properly
  • Windows and doors locked and still secure.
  • Provide service to have mail checked/newspaper collected
  • Open close blinds, turn on and off lights
  • Watering plants
  • Check on small contained pets
  • Key / alarm holder for service repair techs, contractors & estimators.
  • Housesitting

The following services are not included:

  • No randon or mold testing
  • No Pools or irrigation
  • No winterization of pipes
  • No pest control